Working environment

As for BCG Land, all of our staffs are the most valuable resource and asset contributing to the company's sustainable development. The business prosperity always accompanies with the employees' career development. To meet the expectation of the staffs, who always strive to work diligently and seriously, learn constantly and improve experiences, BCG Lands is willing to give a hand to create chances for enhancing commensurately with every single individual's potential.

Cơ hội nghề nghiệp

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Human resource policy

To improve the quality of employees, we also interview employees who decided to stop working at our company. BCG Land hopes that through the interviews, we can hear their opinions in order to understand their thoughts and aspirations, thereby giving advice, orientation from our own experience.

Remuneration policy

To motivate employees to contribute and stay with our company, in 2019, BCG Land has reserved 50 codotels of Malibu Hoi An Resort sold to employees at internal prices. BCG Land also have health and mental improvement policy for our employees such as organizing teambuilding, cooking contests, sponsoring yoga clubs, etc. in order to motivate our employees.

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